Orbit Magazine issues 51-60


Astro Space Stamp Society

 ORBIT is the official quarterly publication of The Society, full of illustrations and informative space stamp and space cover articles, postal auctions, space news, and a new issues guide.

Orbit Magazine issues 51-60

Orbit Issue 51 - Published October 2001

Contents Orbit 51 
So Was Gagarin the First ?
A Starring Role - another constellation
Planets and Probes : Mars II - The Probes
East German Cachets and Handstamps
Three Cancels for a Jubilee
Intercosmos Retrospect - Romania
Reluctant Rocket - Britain's Blue Streak recalled
Cosmic Arts
Autographica Report and illustration
More Millennium Errors
Astronomers Royal - Introduction to a new series
Chinese Astrology

Orbit Issue 52 - Published January 2002

Contents Orbit 52
John Glenn 40th Anniversary
Apollo 8 - The Jules Verne Connection
A Starring Role - the constellation of Taurus
Planets and Probes : The Asteroid Belt
East German Cachets and Handstamps part 4
90 years of Airborne Mail
Chinese Astrology and Astronomy
The Mystery of the Nazca designs
Space Veterans - Jim Wetherbee
Servants of the Sun God - Apollo
Backroom Boys - part one
Astronomers Royal - 1. Rev John Flamsteed

Orbit Issue 53 - Published March 2002

Contents Orbit 53
Secret Mission on Bounty Island
A Starring Role - the constellation of Virgo and Libra
Planets and Probes: - Jupiter
East German Cachets and Handstamps part 5
Dreamers and Visionaries
Cosmonauts on Postage Stamps
Vostok 5 & 6 - Occasional Forged Cancels
Mikhail Vorobyov meets ASSS Patron Georgi Grechko
Project Paper Clip
Servants of the Sun God
Astronomers Royal - Edmond Halley
Anaheim and the Concorde Connection

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Orbit Issue 54 - Published June 2002

Contents Orbit 54
The Lunar Epic
Mercury and Gemini Anniversary Covers
A Starring Role - Scorpius and Sagittarius
Planets and Probes: - Saturn
Intercosmos Retrospect: France 1982
Hermes Had Winged Clipped Ten Years Ago
Dreamers and Visionaries
Copycat Stamps by Antoni Rigo
A Brief History of.....Observatories
10 Years of the First Belgian in Space
A few of my Favourites by Gordon Somerville
40th Birthday of Telstar

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Orbit Issue 55 - Published October 2002

Contents Orbit 55
The Lunar Epic
A Starring Role - Capricornus - Aquarius and Pisces
Planets and Probes: - Uranus
Space Stamp Cachets and Handstamps
Disney in Space
Soviet Cosmonautics Day Issues - 1963 - 1991
Apollo 17: December 1972 - Retrospect
The Labours of Hercules as Told in the Heavens
A Brief History of.....Observatories
Send in the Clones
Desperately Seeking Sally

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Orbit Issue 56 - Published January 2003

Contents Orbit 56
From Newton to Juno: Britain in Space
A Starring Role - Pisces - Aries and Cetus
Planets and Probes: - Neptune
When on the Moon, Giants get caught
Space Stamp Cachets and Handstamps
Soviet Cosmonautics Day Issues - 1963 - 1991
Space Matters in India
Astronomers Royal - Rev. Nevil Maskelyne
60th Anniversary of First Successful V2 Commemorated
A Brief History of.....Observatories

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Orbit Issue 57 - Published March 2003

Contents Orbit 57
In Memoriam - The Crew of STS107 - Columbia
Skylab 30 years on: a forgotten triumph
A Starring Role - Gemini and Cancer
Dreamers and Visionaries by Yuri Zemchichin
Planets and Probes: Pluto
How Pluto is being Conquered
Pluto: Planet, Asteroid, TNO or What?
The Largest Ear on Earth
Soviet Cosmonautics Day Issues - 1993 - 2002
Space Matters in India
Ghosts of Gagarin in the city of Saratov

Orbit Issue 58 - Published June 2003

Contents Orbit 58
Skylab 30 years on: a forgotten triumph? - Part 2
A Starring Role - Lyra, Aquila et al
Exploring the KOCMOC
Tribute to the Shuttle Heroes
The First Woman in Space - Alexander Zheleznyakov
The Dia de la Cosmonautica Issues - Cuba 1966-1991
ASSS Member meets Soyuz Veteran Alexander Volkov
Space Matters in India #3
Astronomers Royal
The First Art Flown to the Moon

Orbit Issue 59 - Published October 2003

Contents Orbit 59
Waiting a Long Time for China's Chen!
Exploring the KOCMOC
In Memoriam - Oleg G. Makarov
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps
A History of the Calendar
Spare some thought for this suggestion
The Zimmer Tower in Lier (Belgium)
How a little extra Endeavour produced a great result!
Space Matters in India #4
Classic Indian Rocket Mail Curio
The Fifth Expedition (Soyuz T-4)
Earth Magnetism and Solar Influence

Orbit Issue 60 - Published January 2004

Contents Orbit 60
Mercury 3 - 40th anniversary
Helen Sharman - 10th anniversary
Apollo 15 Retrospect
Planets and Probes - to Mars
Space Stamp Cachets from East Germany #2
A Starring Role - constellations #3 
Intercosmos Retrospect - Mongolia and Rumania in 1981
Mail carried by Shen Zhou 1
Chronology of Cosmology #10
A Legion of Errors in Millennium space stamps
Invitation to ASTRO Stampex in London in September
Guinness Records philatelically illustrated #5

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