Orbit Magazine issues 101-110


Astro Space Stamp Society

 ORBIT is the official quarterly publication of The Society, full of illustrations and informative space stamp and space cover articles, postal auctions, space news, and a new issues guide.

Orbit Magazine issues 101-110

Orbit Issue 101 - Published Mach 2014

Contents Orbit 101
NASA Goes Global
Baron Munchhausen - German Flight Pioneer
Japan's Constellations Series
Spotlight on Europe's Astronauts
The Sequence of a Typical Soviet Space Mission
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps : 37
When Postmark Colour Makes a Difference
Stuck in the Ice
Soyuz 4-5: the first space mail service
Doctor n Space : Soviets Continued 
F.I.P Section for Astrophilately Report on Activities

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Orbit Issue 102 - Published June 2014

Contents Orbit 102
Up in Smoke: The Pioneers of Rocket Mail 
Conrad Haas : A Man Born Before his Time
Kazimierz Siemienowicz—Genius General
Dating and Backdating space covers
2013 Japan issue shows ill-fated Comet ISON
Poetry in Space, Soviet Style
Proposed UK Spaceport May be Under 20 miles from Editor's Home
New Mali issues feature Famous and Obscure Cosmonauts
Stamping Through Astronomy
North Korea's Satellite Forays
Soviet IQSY Commemorations, 50th Anniversary

Orbit Issue 103 - Published October 2014

Contents Orbit 103
Soyuz Flights to the ISS
A Thing of Stamps and Patches
Wubbo Ockels (1946-2014) has Left this Earth
Special Postmark for International Museum Day
Shen Zhou 5 Crew Signed Cover
Endeavour on Display
Spotlight on Europe's Astronauts: 2 and 3
North Korea's Constellations New Issue
Apollo support vessel USS Alacrity (AM-520/Mso 520)
New Australia issue features Aurora
Shenzhou 6 Crew Autograph Material Cover
Stunning new Stellar series from Japan begins

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Orbit Issue 104 - Published January 2015

Contents Orbit 104
Earthrise Images from the Moon
China's 18th Recoverable Satellite Flown Cover
Space at the Novodivichy Monastery? 
A Thing of Stamps and Patches : 2
Current Buckingham Covers Offers of Space Material
Voshkod 1: The most absurd adventure in space ever.
Nik Steggall comments further on Soyuz Mission Patches
Glasgow's Turing Institute Had Major Role in Shuttle Technology
Astrophilatelic Display Wins BTA Cup
Astro-themed Matchbox labels

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Orbit Issue 105 - Published March 2015

Contents Orbit 105
A Tale of Two Baikonurs
ISSUU - a new way to access Orbit
Like Waiting for a No 32 Bus
Astronaut Chris Hadfield returns to his Scots roots
A Thing of Stamps and Patches : 3
Orion’s First Test Flight
Spotlight on Europe’s Astronauts : 4 and 5
Recent P.R.C. Issues Feature Aspects of Space Programme
Dragon’s in Space
Soviet Space Dogs
Shenzhou X Return Celebrated
Chinese Folk Tale References Vega and Altair

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Orbit Issue 106 - Published June 2015

Contents Orbit 106 
Life on Mars, Viking 1, the results
A Short History of Hubble
EVA is 5040th Anniversary of INTASAT, First Spanish satellite
Spotlight on Europe’s Astronauts : 5
A Thing of Stamps and Patches : 4
A Thirsk for Knowledge
Leonov & Belyayev Joint Spaceflight or “It Takes Two to Tango”
Surveyor-3 visited by Apollo-12
Classical Constellations
Making an offer you can’t refuse ?
Interesting Materials in Tirana, Albania

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Orbit Issue 107 - Published October 2015

Contents Orbit 107
Pluto – New Horizons, New Worlds, New Discoveries
View of the Universe from Lowell Observatory
New Astro Issues from Australia
A.S.T.P. : #2 Astrophilatelic Topic of All Time
A Thing of Stamps and Patches : 5
Soviet Space-Related Postal Mini-Sheets
The 2001 Blue Marble Image of the Earth
Classical Constellations
Covers Help Tell the Story of New Horizons’ Flyby of Pluto

Orbit Issue 108 - Published January 2016

Contents Orbit 108
Tim Peake’s Mission To Space
First Soft Landing on the Moon, 50th Anniversary
Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys
Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon
GB issues Unscheduled, Gimmicky and Expensive
Sci-Fi Film set with British* connections
Space Station Resupply Missions SpaceX NASA Patches
Apollo Boilerplate Spacecraft Cover
New Japan Constellations Issue
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps : 40
A Surprise from Europe

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Orbit Issue 109 - Published March 2016

Contents Orbit 109
Tim Peake’s Mission To Space
Arab Astronomers on Stamps 800 to 1100
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Finds Evidence of The First Explorations On The Moon’s Surface
The Faces of The Moon
Nik’s News & Musings
Space Stamp Exhibition Tokyo October 2015
Classical Constellations
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps : 38
Spacecraft & Rockets Skimming the Waterways of Russia and the World
A Mas Moon Mystery Explained !

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Orbit Issue 110 - Published June 2016

Contents Orbit 110
Tim Peake’s Mission To Space
Arab Astronomers on Stamps 1100 to 1400
Three Covers for your Reflection
A Falcon Lands on Earth
Ancient Chinese Rocket Development
The Atlas Rocket Family
Bye Bye Baikonur #1
Nik’s News & Musings
Mercury Messenger Topographic Map
China’s First Phase of Manned Spaceflight
Buried in the Kremlin Wall
The Falcon Family of Rockets

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