Orbit Magazine issues 111-120


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 ORBIT is the official quarterly publication of The Society, full of illustrations and informative space stamp and space cover articles, postal auctions, space news, and a new issues guide.

Orbit Magazine issues 111-120

Orbit Issue 111 - Published October 2016

Contents Orbit 111
Tim Peake’s Mission To Space
Going Ballistic
Ancient Chinese Astronomy
A Different Kind of “First” for a US Space Stamp
Nik’s News & Musings
The General Who Went To War With Rockets
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Images Spacecraft on the Surface
India Goes to Mars
A New Era Of Comets
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps : 41
ASSS inspired issue feature in GSM item on Local Post

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Orbit Issue 112 - Published January 2017

Contents Orbit 112
Many “Firsts” for the New US Space Stamps
Written in the stars? - review of astrology
Shenzhou 11 Launched on 16. 10. 16
A Tiny Dutch Village’s Place in the War on Terror
The Delta Launch Vehicle Family
John Glenn`s “Fireflies”
Byelorussian Space Explorer Stamps
A Stamp’s Tale
Sputnik Stolen in Brussels?
Haruki Ikuro displays at Aeropex/Cosmopex 2016
John Herschel Glenn Jr. (July 18, 1921 – December 8, 2016)

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Orbit Issue 113 - Published June 2017

Contents Orbit 113
Introducing Our New Hon. Secretary
Sub-satellites: Part 1, Early manned-spacecraft-deployed
A Cannon To Heaven
Georgi Mikhailovich Grechko (1931—2017)
India Honours Mars Spacecraft on Bank note
Russia Realigns Cosmonaut Flights To the ISS
The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017
Voyager, now underway to interstellar space
Postage stamps defining social history : An example of cold-war politics
Brief Bio Notes and on meeting a famous astronaut!
Japan Concludes its Tales from the Stars Series

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Orbit Issue 114 - Published October 2017

Contents Orbit 114
Sputnik—the “beep” that shook the world
USSR-USA space race, ignited in Italy by IAC
Soyuz 8 Tracked By NORAD
Frogs In Space
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps: 42
Women Spacefarers – Sixty Different Paths to Space
Star of Columbus -Russian Satellite that Brought Gifts to America
Early British Rockets
Postage stamps defining social history : An example of cold-war politics
Czechoslavkia’s Mini-sheet Showing Mars 1

Orbit Issue 115 - Published January 2018

Contents Orbit 115
Water in the Solar System
25 years ago, a 5,000-pound Russian capsule hurtled into the Washington coast
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps: 43
1960’s East German Propaganda Postcards display
40 years of Voyager, Man’s Furthest Travelled Spacecraft
Those Veteran Spacefarers We said Goodbye to in 2017
Biggest rocket in Britain is launched on first stage of mission to reach edge of space
Hakui City, Ishikawa - ”UFO City”

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Orbit Issue 116 - Published March 2018

Contents Orbit 116
Water in the Solar System
Forever Young: your editor reflects on the death of a legend
Designing the Isle of Man Millennium Space Stamps
Practising Landing On The Moon
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps: 44
NROL-76 Secret Space Mission Passes The ISS
Japan’s New Astronomical World Series began on Feb 7th 2018
Peter Hoffman’s New Issue Guide
Q: How Did Pluto Get Its Name ?
Space Weather: A Philatelic Journey
A Hungarian’s Take On Hungary’s Stamps.

Orbit Issue 117 - Published June 2018

Contents Orbit 117
Chasing Eclipse Postmarks across America
First Launch Of Falcon Heavy Rocket
SpaceX enlists MR. Steven’s help
Cosmonauts Caught Up In Brezhnev Assassination Attempt
Sir David Brewster— optical inventor and polymath
Transitory fame ? Sir David Gill
Soyuz MS-06 : Spectacular Landing Photographs: February 2018
Sub-satellites: Part 2, Space-station-deployed
The Scourge of the Autopen
China’s Permanently Manned Space Station
Tiangong 2 China’s Second Heavenly Palace

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Orbit Issue 118 - Published October 2018

Contents Orbit 118
Pluto Time Capsules
Near Earth Objects
Tunguska 2 near miss??
Soyuz Spacecraft Depressurizes During Descent To Earth
Solar System Stamps
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps: 45
Forget Cape Canaveral, Scotland’s first spaceport proves small is beautiful
Jesus and The Rings of Saturn
Finding Beauty and Peace in Outer Space
Soyuz 13 : Manned Space Telescope
Gagarin’s Handshake - the first of a series

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Orbit Issue 119 - Published January 2019

Contents Orbit 119
James Cook and the 1769 Transit of Venus on Stamps
The Race to the Moon Chronicled in Stamps, Postmarks, and Postcards
A Member’s Personal Recollections of Involvement in the Apollo Programme
Tim Peake’s Space Capsule on show at the National Museum of Wales
Cover and Book Commemorate the Pluto Discovery Telescope’s Grand Reopening
Soviet Guns In Space and other curios
Soyuz MS-10 Sub-orbital Flight
Astronauts and Cosmonauts Deceased in 2018

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Orbit Issue 120 - Published March 2019

Contents Orbit 120
NASA’s Mission To Touch The Sun
What is the first stamp ever to show a comet?
Astronautical Urination Explained
What Do You Do with Retrospect Issues?
Apollo 10 - The Dress Rehearsal
Is a Hole in Soyuz MS-09 - Cosmonauts Are Looking into it!
Japan’s Astronomical World Series #2
Voyager 2 Departs The Solar System
A Mission To Mercury The Sun’s Nearest Companion
Back to the Moon (Part 1)
Katrin Raynor-Evans Interviews Chris Lintott of The Sky at Night

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