Orbit Magazine issues 41-50


Astro Space Stamp Society

 ORBIT is the official quarterly publication of The Society, full of illustrations and informative space stamp and space cover articles, postal auctions, space news, and a new issues guide.

Orbit Magazine issues 41-50

Orbit Issue 41 - Published March 1999

Contents Orbit 41 
A MIR matter of months to go? by Bert van Eijck
Space Veterans: 14 - Dr Bonnie Dunbar
Phantasy and Philately
Classic Indian Rocket Mail Curio by Ula Dolphin
Intercosmos Retrospect 1979 : Bulgaria
Weather Satellites #3 by Dr Donald Hillger
Apollo XI - 1969 - 1999 #2 by Peter Hoffman
Astroperipherals by Bob Taylor
Space Veterans: 13 - Valeri Ryumin
Trusty Trastas #1Amongst my Souvenirs
Back to the Moon by Bert van Eijck
Chronology of Cosmology 1

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Orbit Issue 42 - Published June 1999

Contents Orbit 42 
Apollo XI - 1969 - 1999 #3 by Peter Hoffman
Eclipse - by Margaret Morris
Space Veterans :15 - Curtis Brown
Astrophilatelic Curios
Dreamers and Visionaries - Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Astroperipherals by Ray Billings
Trusty Trastas #2
Robots Among Us by Ray E. Cartier
Phantasy and Philately by Bert van Eijck
Members Profiles - Brian John Lockyer
Chronology of Cosmology 2

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Orbit Issue 43 - Published October 1999

Contents Orbit 43 
Astrophilatelic Rarities by Y. Kvasnikov and S.Posnachirko
Space Veterans: 16 - Robert Cabana
Phantasy and Philately by Jeff Dugdale
A Childhood Memory recalled by Soviet Stamps
Alexei Leonov: Artist with the Right Stuff
Remembering Apollo XII - By Peter Hoffman
Members Profiles - Zhang Zhousheng
Dreamers and Visionaries - William A. Schulze
Adventures in Astrophilately :5 by Bert van Eijck
Russian Astrophilately News by Yuri Kvasnikov
Chronology of Cosmology 3.

Orbit Issue 44 - Published January 2000

Contents Orbit 44 
The ISS begins to feature on philatelic media
Space Veterans: 17 - Sergei Krikalev
Dreamers and Visionaries - Robert Baker-Byrne
Dreamers and Visionaries - Nikolai Kibalchich Revisited
Members Profiles - Subarna Tuladhar
NASA Official Cachets #1The Other Face of the Sun
A Victorian Curio by Eric Simmonds
Space Stamp Cachets and Handstamps of the U.S.S.R
Chronology of Cosmology 4
Soviet Space Mail Illustrated on Stamps

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Orbit Issue 45 - Published March 2000

Contents Orbit 45 
Remembering Apollo XIII - By Peter Hoffman
Unexpected Firsts: Astrophilately in Cuba
Our Nearest Neighbour - The Moon - By Bert van Eijck
Space Veterans: 18 - Tamara Jernigan
Dreamers and Visionaries
Was Aleksander Moshaiski the first man to fly?
The Great Montserrat Halley's Comet rip off.
NASA Official Cachets #2
Guinness World Records 2000
Astronomy and Islamic Culture
Space Stamp Cachets
Chronology of Cosmology 5

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Orbit Issue 46 - Published June 2000

Contents Orbit 46 
A.S.T.P. Silver Jubilee - by Bert van Eijck
Space Veterans: 19 - James Halsell
Astronomy and Islamic Culture - Part two
Ruder Boskovich - Material by George Fox
Philatelically illustrated #2
Handstamps of the U.S.S.R. #4
Was a New Zealander the first man to fly?
NASA Official Cachets #3
Man of Mystery - Yuri Kondratiuk's story
Intercosmos Retrospect 1980 - Hungary
A man in Space - John Berry
Chronology of Cosmology 6

Orbit Issue 47 - Published October 2000

Contents Orbit 47 
Yevgeny Khrunov Remembered--Alex Zhelezynyakov
Planets and Probes - 1# - Mercury and Mariner 10
Star Trek and Star Wars stamps from SCKP Ltd
Steve Bennet update and fantasy stamp
Guinness World Space Records
USSR cachets translated - #5 - Berry/Vorobyov
NASA Official Cachets - Part Four - Harry Rose
Intercosmos Retrospect 1980
A Hoover in A Space - comet probes - Bert Van Eijck
Chronology of Cosmology 7

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Orbit Issue 48 - Published January 2001

Contents Orbit 48 
A Starring Role--Constellations on Stamps #1  
Apollo 14 Recalled--Peter Hoffman. 
Apollo 14 Mystery Cover 
Planets and Probes 
Space Stamp Cachets of East Germany #1
Halley's Comet--the 1986 issues #1 
Balloons, Gondolas and Space Capsules 
2001 A Space Odyssey--homage by Bert van Eijck. 
Dreamers & Visionaries 
Recent Cartoon Issues--Astrophilatelic peripheral 
Chronology of Cosmology 8

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Orbit Issue 49 - Published March 2001

Contents Orbit 49 
Cosmonaut No:1 - Yuri Gagarin.
On the Moon - Mikail Vorobyov.
The American Moon Probes - Harvey Duncan.
A Starring Role--Constellations on Stamps 2
Yuri Gagarin - 40 years of stamps.
Halley's Comet--the 1986 issues 2# - Harvey Duncan.
Postage stamp for first Danish Satellite - Bert van Eijck.
Some Philatelic Snippets - John Glen.
Chronology of Cosmology 9
A fresh look at the Milky Way - Bert van Eijck.
Cosmonautics Day - triumph for STS-1.

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Orbit Issue 50 - Published June 2001

Contents Orbit 50 
Mercury 3 - 40th anniversary.
Helen Sharman - 10th anniversary.
Apollo 15 Retrospect - Peter Hoffman.
Planets and Probes - to Mars
Space Veterans #21 - Marsha Ivins.
Space Stamp Cachets from East Germany #2
A Starring Role - constellations #3 
Intercosmos Retrospect
Mail carried by Shen Zhou 1 - Bart Beimers.
Chronology of Cosmology #10
A Legion of Errors in Millennium space stamps
Guinness Records philatelically illustrated #5 

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