Orbit Magazine issues 11-20

 Astro Space Stamp Society

 ORBIT is the official quarterly publication of The Society, full of illustrations and informative space stamp and space cover articles, postal auctions, space news, and a new issues guide.

Orbit Magazine issues 11-20

Orbit Issue 11 - Published December 1991

Contents of Orbit 11
Soviet Cosmic Cachets and ASSS News,
Reach for Your Dreams - Tony Bird,
Space Station Freedom Reviewed
Space Exploration Initiative – The Mission to Mars
The First Austrian in Space.
Astronomy Spare Science News by Sputnik.
Mission to Planet Earth and other News by Sputnik
Ulysses on Voyage and other news by Sputnik
Bill Thornton - A Doctor in Space by George Spiteri
Astronaut Training & Helen Sharman
Rocket Mail Pioneers by Bert van Eijck
Astrophysics on 1987 Swedish Stamps

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Orbit Issue 12 - Published April 1992

Contents of Orbit 12
Salyut 6 - 96 days in space F.D.C
Apollo 15 - 26 July 1971
Jules Verne - (1828-1905)
Freedom Space Station update
Astro world Update by Charles Bromser
International Space Year 1992
British Industry in Space Year
The Chief Designer - S. P. Korolev
The almost complete Space Shuttle Tracking network
Space development dates
Apollo Flight crews listing1984 
Swedish Space First day cover

Orbit Issue 13 - Published June 1992

Contents of Orbit 13
Obtaining Signed Covers by Andy Swanston
Going Up – A space calendar by Harvey Duncan
Printers of Stamps – Information
Minehead Space Age Festival
Intelsat & British Industry in Space Events
Holiday Competition
Directory of Space Stamp Collectors
International Space Year
Freedom Space Station
Space Science: Ulysses spacecraft
U.S. Space Stamp booklet
Philatelic Bureau Addresses

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Orbit Issue 14 - Published September 1992

Contents of Orbit 14
Rocket Mail Pioneers by Bert van Eijck
Royal Australian Mint Space Coin
Silly Season Souvenir Sale
USSR Cosmic Post Souvenir by John Holland
News from Belgium
Signed Covers by Andy Swanston
Astro—Lets Offers
Astro Update by Charles Bromser
International Space Year Issue from Japan
Galactic Quest by Ian Ridpath.
NASA ‘GEOTAIL’ launched
British Space firms & universities

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Orbit Issue 15 - Published December 1992

Contents of Orbit 15
Austrian Space Travel Pioneer Honoured
Canada in Space - New Issue
Latest Space News from "Spaceman"
Soviet - G.B. TM-12 Space Flight by John Holland
First British School Experiment in Space
Astro Update by Charles Bromser.
U.S.S.R. Cosmic Post by John Holland
Soviet/U.S. Cooperation
Some Very useful Contacts from "Sputnik"
Has it been flown twice?

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Orbit Issue 16 - Published April 1993

Contents of Orbit 16
Astro update by Charles Bromser
Ausroc 2 Launch from Woomera
A Russian Intercosmos Label
ESA and the European Space Industry
Going up – Launch News
Soviet – Syrian Space Flight 1987
The First Space Perfin Stamp
U.K. Space Postmarks during 1991
International Year of Space – Malawi
Mars Probe (Kosmos 419)
A Cover that made a round trip

Orbit Issue 17 - Published August 1993

Contents of Orbit 17
Pete Conrad inducted into Astronaut Hall of Fame
My Favourite Cover from Charles Bromser
New Satellite Hologram Stamp
More about Space Perfin stamps
Going Up - future Space launches
Samoa - 10th Anniversary of First Moon landing
Rocket Pioneer - Stephen H. Smith
Gulliver and the Moons of Mars by George W Fox
Kazakhstan’s First Stamps by Charles Bromser
He was the Astronauts Chef by Alec Bailey
The Yunnan Observatory
Rocket Mail Pioneer by Bert van Eijck

Orbit Issue 18 - Published November 1993

Contents of Orbit 18
My Space Collection by Harvey Duncan.
The First Australian Rocket Mail
Project Mercury - Ham the Chimpanzee
Peenemunde Space Card Offer
Glossary of Common Space Terms
Soviet Space Cancellations
Project Saturn - 4 November 1959
The Earth from Space by Nicholas Steggall
Hubble Telescope explores Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon 10
"Firsts" in the Russian Space Program
My Favourite Cover by R. Atkinson
Astronauts Autographs

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Orbit Issue 19 - Published January 1994

Contents of Orbit 19
Astro Update by Charles Bromser
USSR -Austrian Space Flight - October 1991
Mercury 3 - Freedom 7 by Tony Bird
A warning about Soviet Forgeries
New Services for Members
Translation from the Russian
My Space Collection by Harvey Duncan
National Astronomy Week ‘96
Hubble Space Telescope - Back of beyond.
Worlds First Livestock Rocket flight.

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Orbit Issue 20 - Published April 1994

Contents of Orbit 20
International Space Station
Mir Space Station
Book Review: Apollo
Astro Update by Charles Bromser
Newton and the Melon by Nigel Harpham
Goddard's Rockets
The Lunokhod Moon Rovers by Nicholas Steggall
Rocket Pioneers by H. Duncan

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