Orbit Magazine issues 121-130


Astro Space Stamp Society

 ORBIT is the official quarterly publication of The Society, full of illustrations and informative space stamp and space cover articles, postal auctions, space news, and a new issues guide.

Orbit Magazine issues 121-130

Orbit Issue 121 - Published June 2019

Contents Orbit 121
A Short Run Up to One Giant Leap
Apollo XI Across the Years
The Most Famous Space Stamp - Ever?
Apollo 11 Recovery
Apollo 11 Flown covers and Insurance covers
Back to the Moon (Part 2)
Man On The Moon
An Interview with Ian Ridpath
Total Eclipse of the Art (in stamps)
An Apollo XI Checklist like No Other

Orbit Issue 122 - Published October 2019

Contents Orbit 122
Project Kuiper: An Internet Race in Space
Back to the Moon (Part 3)
Grumman’s Apollo Lunar Modules
Space Plane ASSET
Apollo Lunar Lander Plaques
First Black Astronaut Commemorated
60 Years Exploring the Backside of the Moon
How I Started
A Personal Report About Apollo
Romania’s Apollo XI tribute
Curious Apollo 11 Cover

Orbit Issue 123 - Published January 2020

Contents Orbit 123
Moonwalking in Northern Arizona
Nik’s News & Musings
New Zealand Space Pioneers Issue
Hungary’s Space Tree Tribute to Magyari
Tiangong 2 Re-enters the Earth’s Atmosphere
First International Rocket Mail
Space Stamps from Davaar Island
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps: 46
A Selection of Postal Cancellations for Apollo XI’s 50th Anniversary
Designing Romania’s Apollo XI 50th Anniversary Issues
Astronauts and Cosmonauts Deceased in 2019

Orbit Issue 124 - Published March 2020

Contents Orbit 124
The Future of Space Cover Collecting
Japan’s Issue for “Le Petit Prince”
Apollo 11 Moonwalk Across America
Recent Isle of Man Contributions to Astrophilately
Royal Mail’s Sleight of Hand re their “Apollo” Set in 2019
Royal Mail Publication Splurges on GB Astro Stamps
Outer Space Mail of the USSR and Russia
The USSR’s Secret Moon Rocket
Caveat Emptor! The notorious Baikonur fakes are still up and running!
2010 Japan Issue : carnet #3 in Astronomical World Series

Orbit Issue 125 - Published June 2020

Contents Orbit 125
Mars : A Planet Of Robots
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps: 47
Nik’s News & Musings
NASA Returns to Independent Manned Status with Launch of Sp-X DM2
Viking 45th Anniversary Launch August 20, 1975
As seen in Cover Lover for May 2020
Szostek/WSMR Numbered Covers
A Post Office On The Moon
Kat’s Adventures in Astrophilately

Orbit Issue 126 - Published October 2020

Contents Orbit 126
Mars : A Planet Of Robots
Cosmonaut sees UFO's
China names its Spacecraft
Dragon Flight DM2 concludes successfully
First Automated Lunar Soil Retrieval
The astronomy study unit of the American Topical Association
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps: 48
Veteran Astrophilatelists and Orbit writer creates a legacy of Articles with a pair of "Hotpotches"
ASTP 45th Anniversary Launch
First Scots-born Astronaut
Kat’s Adventures in Astrophilately

Orbit Issue 127 - Published January 2021

Contents Orbit 127
Mars : A Planet Of Robots
Grapefruit Satellite Still In Orbit
First Astronomy Stamp
Talking Robot Astronaut
The Copernicus Trail as part of the 1973 Quincentenary celebrations
Royal Mail promise “no more Star Wars issues”, but would you like some Star Trek instead?
Putting a Stamp at the Heart of Her Art
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps: 49
Crew 1: A New Era Of America In Space
Isle of Man Astro Stamps

Orbit Issue 128 - Published March 2021

Contents Orbit 128
ISS Goes Commercial
Comets and Philately
As seen in Quality Magazine
Mars : A Planet Of Robots
Martian Ink Passport Stamp
Yuri Gagarin: Human Space Exploration Era Turns 60
40 years ago: the maiden flight of Space Shuttle STS-1
Japan’s Astronomical World Series #4
Kat’s Adventures in Astrophilately

Orbit Issue 129 - Published June 2021

Contents Orbit 129
Mars : A Planet Of Robots
Salyut’s 50th Anniversary
Cosmonaut’s Wife Sends Letters To Space
Stellar Stamps : Leo
Un-manned Satellites on Postage Stamps: 50
Stamps of the Sun
ASSS and Orbit featured in new edition of The Philatelic Register
McCartney Stamp References Near Planets
Japan’s Stunning Decade of Astro Stamps
German Flying Saucer?
Kat’s Adventures in Astrophilately

Orbit Issue 130 - To be Published October 2021

Contents Orbit 130

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