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My name is D. Clarke and I am the sole creator and webmaster of the Astro Space Stamp Society web site. I created this on behalf of the Astro Space Stamp Society. But one has to go back in time, to January 1986, for that is the time the Astro Space Stamp Society started.

The best way to describe the club is to go back to the very first issue of Orbit in which Tony Bird wrote:

“Up until just over a year ago, I tended to think that I was one of the odd ones out in the field of Collectors. No matter what fair I went to, stamp, postcard, book, or even toy, I never met anyone who shared my interest. No matter what collecting magazine I read, I never found an article on the subject of Space. And then, it all changed. A chap by the name of Robin Cleeter, was actually advertising in ‘Stamps’ magazine, wanting to hear from anyone interested in forming a stamp society on space and astronomy. 

I couldn’t believe it. The rest is; as they say; now history, and I am excited in seeing the membership slowly grow from all different parts of the world. I am excited at the potential that there will be for articles, as together we input our special interests, and the knowledge that we have learned, from our hobby. The unsettling part is that, as in any new venture, I’m not sure of the expectations of others. My main interest/hobby has been Manned Space flight for more years than my wife will let me remember, and with a surname like Bird I shouldn’t be surprised at the magpie tendency I have to collect anything and everything I can (afford) on the subject. 

But I’m no expert, just someone who is fascinated by the whole subject. And I’m not too sure whether those qualifications are sufficient to edit this publication (especially with it’s worldwide circulation!) but I’m happy to serve, and if, as a membership we are prepared to work together, and learn together as we go along then with a little bit of understanding when mistakes do occur, we will all enjoy a happy and beneficial relationship. 

I trust that as the days go by, you too will find satisfaction and fulfilment through being a member of our Society, and that it will be for you too, just what you needed.”

The Astro Space Stamp Society has grow since those words were put in print and now with collectors from all over Britain, Europe (including states formerly within the Soviet Union), The Middle East, Asia, Australia and the U.S.A, who enjoy and profit from membership of the British based Astro Space Stamp Society.

After Astro Space Stamp Society was formed it was only natural to have a magazine for the club, and this was called ORBIT.

ORBIT is the official quarterly publication of The Society, full of illustrations and informative space stamp and space cover articles, postal auctions, space news, and a new issues guide. It has a semi-professional editor, and regularly has over 36 A4 pages, often with Special Supplements and since 1998 each issue has been accompanied by a gift of stamps for each member. 

ORBIT gained a silver medal at Chicagopex in 1998. Collectors and dealers advertising keep members up to date on market values and assist in identifying and obtaining desired stamps, covers, post-cards autographs and all space related collectibles.

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